3 of 4 words on Wis. sign misspelled

Sign, sign, everywhere a (misspelled) sign
July 29, 2009 On one road sign in Wisconsin, the only word spelled correctly is "Exit."

The "I" is out of place in the word "buisness." Even the two towns' names are misspelled. "Rothschield" should not have an "E;" it should be Rothschild. And the "I" and "E" are reversed in "Schofeild;" it should be Schofield.

The road sign company says it will have the words corrected and spelling double checked within a week.

And thanks to ABC7's Roz Varon, we found video from the 1990s when crews were working on Lake Shore Drive, in which workers misspelled "Randolf" Street on a sign.

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  • A sign for one village that says 'English is our language. No excetions"
  • A newspaper that misspelled its own name - "The Valley Newss" - with two S's, on its front page.
  • A sign painted on a roadway that warns drivers about a "SHCOOL."
  • And a sign that points out the key to "Sucses" may begin with the basics, like communication.
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