Daley: No change in deadly force policy

July 29, 2009 (CHICAGO) Mayor Richard M. Daley said reports that the CPD had changed its police policy on deadly force in incidents involving felony cases where suspects fled the scenes in vehicles were incorrect.

Earlier Wednesday, a CPD spokesman told ABC7 the policy was going into effect this coming weekend. However, Daley said that's not the case.

The Chicago Police Department released a statement:

Over the last eighteen months, the Chicago Police Department has been working to improve officer safety and training in critical subjects and examining areas where existing orders and policies are in need of revision.

One of those areas relates to the use of deadly force against offenders inside moving vehicles.

The Department is currently reviewing the existing order to eliminate unnecessary language, provide officers with more clear direction and comply with nationally accepted best practices, as well as existing state statutes and federal law.

The Department has undertaken this endeavor in order to ensure that officers' and the public's safety are not compromised in situations involving the use of deadly force.

The review process is ongoing and will not be rushed. So, contrary to earlier news reports, no changes have been made to the Department's use of deadly force policy.

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