Sunday Mass returns to Holy Name Cathedral

August 2, 2009 (CHICAGO) It took six months of hard work to bring Holy Name Cathedral back to its former glory. Among the repairs, 24,000 ornamental ceiling pieces had to be sanded, polished and inspected. Faded accents of gold leaf replaced with a fresh 23-karat coat. Parishioners exiting yesterdays inaugural mass gave the restoration a big thumbs up.

"To see it once again looking as it did is amazing," said Christine Reder.

" I have to say it was just very touching. It really warmed the cockles of your heart," said Marge Pecho.

Last February a fire raged through Holy Name's roof. Water damaged the sanctuary and destroyed some of the ornamentation. Larry cope designed the medallions you see painted into the church's wood ceiling.

"Comparing the way the church looked last year to this year it's just amazing. A tribute to all the artisans involved in bringing the church back," said Larry Cope, designed ceiling medallions.

While there are still repairs being made on the roof, and holy name will, for the time being, only be open for weekend masses, none of that mattered Saturday to Father Dan Mayall as he returned to the 134-year old church's pulpit

"It was terrific. Exactly what we were looking for. That makes us look beyond who we are. Beyond the ordinary mind and the eternal," said Rev. Mayall.

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