Local plant spearheads Ford Taurus re-launch

August 4, 2009 On Tuesday, the first 2010 Taurus rolled off the assembly line at the plant on the city's South Side.

At a general time of doom and gloom in the auto industry, Ford finally has something to brag about and are they ever bragging.

The new 2010 Ford Taurus is the centerpiece of the company, and it's being built in Chicago. It's the flagship vehicle, the Ford of the future, they say, and good news for the Chicago assembly plant at 126th and Torrence.

"We're all very proud to be part of that flagship vehicle, full-size sedan, and we think it's going to be hitting the market and run," said Jan Allman, Ford assembly plant manager.

The vehicle is loaded with features, all kinds of warning systems, GPS and state-of-the-art technology. At around $26,000, Chicagoland dealers say it keeps them in the game.

"People like the looks of it before they find out about the technology and safety and gas mileage and think, this car's got eye appeal and the 'it' factor," said Greg Webb, Ford dealer.

"It's saying, 'Look at me. I have to notice me. Even though I'm a full-sized sedan, doesn't mean I can't be sporty. Even though I have all the things a full-size sedan brings, you have to look at me because I'm sexy,'" said Earl Lucas, Taurus exterior designer.

If the car actually meets sales expectations, Ford may add more shifts and even more jobs in Chicago.

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