Thieves steal 69-year-old man's rent money

Victim says he never had a problem in 35 years
August 7, 2009 (CHICAGO) He says armed thieves approached him and stole hundreds of dollars in cash he was carrying.

Police say they are investigating all of the robberies. However, they say the one involving the 69-year-old victim is being looked at as an isolated incident. The victim says he has lived in the area for over 35 years and has never had a problem or felt threatened.

Sixty-nine-year-old Robert Wesley says on July 21 he was walking near the WVON studios in the 1000-block of East 87th Street in the late afternoon when he was approached by three men. He said one wearing a security guard uniform pulled out a small gun, pointed it to his head, and demanded he give them his money.

"Put a gun in my face, a little, small, shiny pistol. And he told me to give up my bag. And I said, 'Wait a minute. Are you serious?' " said Wesley.

Wesley says three men took $850, rent money he was carrying in his bag and in his wallet.

Wesley watched the three men take off going to the Metra station

Police are investigating a number of robberies that have occurred at the Metra stations along the Metra line on the South Side.

"We're working with the metro police, we've got two districts that are dedicating resources to that. We're still trying to catch those guys and we'll continue to pursue that. But, no, we do not have anyone in custody for that at this time," said Jody Weis, Chicago Police superintendent.

Wesley says the offenders not only took all of his identification, they also took his Social Security card and his bus pass. He still has not been able to pay his rent.

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