Sotomayor is sworn in as Supreme Court justice

Latinas in Chicago proud of Sotomayor
August 8, 2009 (WASHINGTON, D.C.) Sotomayor took the second of two oaths of office Saturday from Chief Justice John Roberts in an ornate conference room at the high court, beneath a portrait of the legendary Chief Justice John Marshall. She swore a first oath in a private ceremony minutes earlier.

Sotomayor's mother, brother, other relatives and friends joined her for the occasion.

In one oath, she promised to support and defend the Constitution. In the second, she pledged to "administer justice" fairly and impartially.

In Chicago, ABC7 Chicago found four generations of Puerto Rican women all pleased to see a Latina joining the U.S. Supreme Court. They said all Latinos are a very important part of the American culture, and they believe judge Sotomayor's accomplishments will inspire future generations.

"All of these women are taking very important places in our community, not only our community, but our nation. I think it's very exciting," said Marilyn Villagran.

"It is time that we step up to the game, and I'm so proud of Sotomayor," Aida Munoz said.

"This leaves a wonderful track for our young children, our young generation, to dream bigger than what our parents did," said Ada Doris Gonzalez.

Gonzalez's mother was visiting Chicago from Puerto Rico and said there are very happy and proud of Justice Sotomayor.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)

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