Jackson talks health care to friendly crowd

August 18, 2009 Congressman Jesse Jackson, Junior hosted a town hall meeting.

When the health care reform debate began earlier this year, the Obama White House was probably hoping for supportive town hall meetings like the one held Tuesday night's .

First, there were health insurance horror stories from patients like Sharon Hamilton, who has breast cancer.

"Concerned about a breast that had become infected. Concerned about the fact that Blue Cross-Blue Shied would not pay for some of my follow up care caused me a lot of stress," said Hamilton.

Then, there were health care workers who said the best solution is universal health care.

"Everybody in, and no one will be out," said Dorothy Ahmad, Stroger Hospital nurse.

It was the second town hall meeting on health care reform held by 2nd District Congressman Jesse Jackson, Junior. And he made sure it was a well-scripted affair.

Noticeably absent from the meeting was opposition to health care reform. It was very different from the rancorous forums in many other parts of the nation.

"In fact, we're showing the nation how to behave," said Jackson.

Outside, however, tempers flared when two protestors with the LaRouch Political Action Committee compared Obama's health plan to Adolf Hitler's fascism.

"And a lot of people are against Obama because I think they want him to fail, not so much that they're against the program," said Arzella Clark who supports health care reform.

Except for that hiccup, Health care reform got a big endorsement from these South Siders on Tuesday night.

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