Chicago reacts to Cubs sale to Ricketts family

August 21, 2009 (CHICAGO) The Chicago Tribune has reached a deal with the Ricketts family.

Major League Baseball and a bankruptcy court still must approve the sale, but that isn't expected to be a problem.

With their record selling price, the Cubs are now officially the most valuable baseball franchise in history. But that's of little importance to fans who hope a new owner brings a new attitude to the team. Winning.

"I think we're on the right track here with an owner who will care about wins and losses and not just revenue," said Harry Teinowitz, ESPN Radio.

Tom Ricketts, the face of the new ownership family, lived in Wrigleyville, spent time in the bleachers and is a real fan. And, at this point ,that's good enough for some other fans.

"Anybody who met his wife in the bleachers must be a true Cubs fan," said Debra Raymer, Cubs fan.

"Yes sir. Hopefully it'll begin quick," said Nickolas Torres when asked if he was ready for the Ricketts era to begin.

The deal includes Wrigley Field and a quarter interest in Comcast SportsNet. It still has to be approved by the judge overseeing the Tribune's bankruptcy and major league owners. But both are expected to go smoothly.

They haven't done any interviews but the Rickett's family patriarch said in a statement: "The Cubs have the greatest fans in the world and we count our family among them. We look forward to closing the transaction so that we can begin leading the cubs to a World Series title."

"They plan on owning this for the long haul. They're passionate about the Cubs and passionate about baseball," said Dennis Culloton, Ricketts family spokesman.

"What we know about him, he is a big Cubs fan. I think he has a lot of respect for the franchise, for Wrigley field so it is hard to see him coming in and slashing payroll or knocking down Wrigley Field," said Mike Colias, Crain's Chicago Business.

There are no public comments planned from the family until after the deal is approved by Major League Baseball owners as well as the bankruptcy judge and that may still be a few months.

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