Man drowns trying to rescue his dog

August 23, 2009 Vasily Fedorouk was walking with his wife and their two dogs Sunday morning at Horsetail Lake near Palos Park.

Police say he threw a ball into the water for one of the dogs. When the dog went in to retrieve the ball, it but got tangled in the vegetation in the lake. Fedorouk freed the dog and it survived, but then he became trapped.

Fedorouk's wife, Dilbara Arapova, tried to help but wasn't able to save him.

"I go to the water, and I can't swim really well and try to dive. I can't see anything. Another person tried to help us. It was just ten meters maybe," she said.

Fedorouk was a sculptor. His wife said he wanted to live to 100 years old but said if he didn't, he would live on through his work.

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