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August 31, 2009 (CHICAGO) A break-dance instructor and alumnus of Illinois State University, he was one of the four semi-final contestants and was one of the bachelors chosen to make a family visit. Unfortunately, his heart was broken on national TV and Jillian did not pick him.

(PRESS RELEASE) But, the ladies love him and in addition to him being handsome, the 25- year-old native of Tacoma, Washington, writes children's books. His new book, Wesley's Stories: After School Adventures has just been released. It's a collection of fantasy tales for tweens that many teachers across the country have chosen for in-class reading. In this collection of five short stories, best friends Wesley and David find themselves in some unique mischief. Understanding geometry is a breeze compared to the wild adventures that these two thirteen year olds embark on after school. Whether it's a quest to rescue the weather-controlling earth medallion from an underwater city, or eating "fropple" with the candle wood elves at the great forest table, the boys have much more going on after school than their parents could ever imagine.

Adventure abounds in Wesley's Stories, but these electrifying tales are also a testament to the bonds of true friendship and a glimpse into the more difficult aspects of growing up. Young readers will relate to the fear Wesley feels about confronting his "crush" Stephanie and the insecurity he experiences about being unpopular. Even older readers will remember the humiliating feeling of sitting alone at lunch. Wesley's stories are the perfect escape after a tough day at school. Children will get lost in the pages and recognize themselves and their troubles in the characters of Wesley and David.

Author Michael Stagliano is best known for his appearance on ABC's hit The Bachelorette, a reality show that boasts a whopping twelve million viewers per episode. After securing his position as an audience favorite, Stagliano was actually asked to appear as the next "Bachelor". Stagliano has also worked as an actor on All My Children and As The World Turns and continues to pursue the spotlight with his acting, modeling and musical talents, and he has been considered as a contestant on the next season of ABC's Dancing with the Stars!

He has been writing since the fifth grade and composed this collection of stories during the four years that he worked towards an English degree at Illinois State University. Stagliano has worked with children all over the country as a break dance instructor, and has spoken at public schools in New York that have already purchased the book for their students to read. Hundreds of teachers all over the country (most of them found out about Michael through the show) have picked it up as well. Michael constantly receives requests to come lecture at grade schools about the book and continues to do so; he already has 50-70 requests via Facebook for lecture engagements at elementary and middle schools.

You can download excerpts of Michael's work:
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Click here for an excerpt of Wesley's Stories

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