Day 2 in Brown's Chicken massacre trial

September 1, 2009 (CHICAGO) In 2007, Luna was convicted in the Brown's Chicken and Pasta massacre. Seven people were killed at the Palatine fast food restaurant on January 9, 1993.

On Tuesday, relatives of the victims endured another day of testimony detailing the evidence found at Brown's Chicken and Pasta on January 9th 1993. Some of Degorski's relatives were also present for the second day of the trial.

Tuesday's testimony focused on evidence at the scene. Jane Homeyer, who now works at the Office of National Security, was a forensic scientist with the Northern Illinois Crime Lab in 1993. She was among those collecting evidence at the scene.

She collected cash register tape that showed a chicken dinner was sold at 9:08 p.m. and a partially eaten chicken meal that was alone in the garbage. She testified it was important evidence because, "It may have been the perpetrator that bought something and threw it away."

Homeyer testified that the partially eaten chicken was preserved for future technology that may be able to identify DNA.

In 2006, DNA from the chicken linking Juan Luna was presented to another jury. Luna was convicted for the murders and sentenced to life.

Undercross examination, Homeyer testified that 200 fingerprints were recovered from the scene. Homeyer testified that there were palm and or finger prints found in employee only areas.

"If it's not the print of an employee it could be that of the suspect?" said Brendan Max, defense attorney.

"Correct," said Homeyer.

The defense claims Degorski was not at the scene and attempted to raise doubt about possibly someone else could have been with Luna.

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