Organization offers Helping Hand for parents

September 3, 2009 (COUNTRYSIDE, Ill.) Located in Countryside, helping hand rehabilitation center serves children and adults with mild to severe disabilities.

"Most of the people we serve live at home and come here for day programs, and we are like a surrogate family, very community based, very much into serving family as well as the client himself or herself," said executive director Dennis Trybus.

"We try to market ourselves because we don't want to be quiet, we're proud of the work we do and we want people to know about us," said Trybus.

Services provided at Helping Hand include a wide range of outpatient therapy to employment training and placement.

Twenty-three-year-old Jerome is one of the clients who is getting job training while working at the center.

"I work the cash register," said Jerome.

Trybus says the most popular service is their after-school program.

"The families have a large job taking care of people with disabilities, and if we can offer additional support services that give the clients a chance for some socialization and gives the family a break," said Trybus.

But clients like Jason says it's the music program.

"l like hip-hop," Jason said.

This is not the only service Jason is getting at Helping Hand.

"I like the working experience taught me, teaches more how to use money and how to become a better man and adult," said Jason.

Despite the challenges with funding, Trybus says they can't tread water. They are moving ahead.

"We 're building a new group home with help of families to cover the cost of the building. We have the school for children with autism, is a recent program addition. We have a new program for adults with autism called total communication program," said Trybus.

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