'Beatles Rock Band' released

September 9, 2009 The Beatles: Rock Band game

* Includes 45 Beatles songs

* Can be played by up to 6 people: Two on guitars (one being for the bass part), one on drums, and up to 3 on vocals.

* This is the first game ever to support harmony singing. It can score people on 3 part harmony.

* Includes training modes to teach Harmony and Vocal Training

* Includes a drum training mode called "Beatle Beats," that actually teaches drums in Ringo's style.

* Can be played online with other people from across the globe.

* More content will be available as downloadable content. Game owners will be able to download Abbey Road on 10/20/09. and be able to play the entire album. Sgt Pepper comes in November, Rubber Soul in December.

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