Dillard promises ethics reforms if elected

September 14, 2009 The centerpiece of his plan is ban on fundraising during his first two years in office.

Dillard also wants to prohibit lawmakers from fundraising while the general assembly is in session. He wants to move the primary election to July to shorten the campaign season. And Dillard would like the legislature to vote on the ethics reform proposed by the Collins Commission.

"We rate 48th in economic development. We have a multi-billion dollar debt. And we need to get the public's confidence back that they have a governor who's governing not fundraising," said Illinois Senator Kirk Dillard, (R) candidate for governor.

The other Republicans running for governor include DuPage County board chairman Bob Schillerstrom, state senator Matt Murphy, state senator Bill Brady, businessman Dan Proft and Adam Andrzejewski.

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