For Your Family: Best Baby Products

September 21, 2009 *The Woombie- latest thing in swaddling. Makes swaddling easy as pie (basically you just zip it up) and babies seem to sleep better in it. Cute, fashionable and works!

*The Happi Tummi- A soft band that velcros around your babies tummy. There are herbal packets that you heat up and ?t in the band just over his/her tummy. This creates warmth and a little pressure and can really calm a baby with gas/tummy upset.

*The Moby Wrap- The moby wrap is a baby carrier. One of Gail's favorite "must haves" for new parents. It allows mom/dad/caregiver to hold baby and have their hands free. While it can look a bit intimidating at first, it is remarkably easy to put on and parents love the fact that it calms their babies and allows the wearer a new found freedom of having the use of both hands.

*The Miracle Blanket- So many of my moms swear by this blanket. It has been around for awhile but consistently remains one of the most sought out items in our store. Helps baby to sleep longer.


*L'oved -Sleeve Bodysuit: Perfect onsie for your new baby, sleeves cover hands for ext ra protection and comfort. Little hand covers attached to sleeve. 100% Cotton, so soft.

*Majamas loungewear- Moms are so grateful to have a comfy out to wear at the hospital and around the house that has easy access to nursing.


*Under the Nile: Organic Cotton Toys that are pesticide free, and perfect for teething and overall happiness. They come in the cutest little "characters": grapes, carrots..etc.

*Melissa and Doug Mailbox: Melissa and Doug is a great company that prides itself in using all natural wood, and natural paints and dyes.

The Mailbox is a great toy that will keep the "older" siblings busy!

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