Beer vendor doubles as philanthropist

September 21, 2009 (CHICAGO) He is a Fulbright scholar with a Master's degree in international development. But around the ball park he is simply known as beer guy.

Adam Carter spends his summers hauling beer cans through the stands at baseball games. It's how he makes his living. But also how he supports his passion: helping others. During baseball's offseason, he travels the remote corners of the world providing food to malnourished kids in Brazil or wheelchairs in Mali. Or mosquito nets in Senegal. People who live on next to nothing.

"For the price of a beer, I can make a profound difference," said Adam Carter, Cause and Affect Foundation.

He calls what he does micro-philanthropy. Last year he distributed about ten thousand dollars worth of aid in developing countries. But he saw how every dollar was being spent and is convinced he is making a difference one life at a time.

"Instead of Bill Gates who has millions of dollars to invest in an issue, we're working with small amounts of money and working for the most direct form of delivering that aid," said Carter.

Many of his regular customers know about his charity work and contribute generous tips to the cause. Some get a special baseball card that lists some of his accomplishments on the back. Tim Summers helps raise money for the foundation.

"He has got that personality. People just gravitate towards him. You can't find another, a more genuine individual," said Tim Summers, Cause and Affect Foundation.

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