Terror alert issued in U.S.

Feds issue security bulletins on stadiums, hotels
September 22, 2009 There are no specific threats in Chicago or the State of Illinois, but local authorities said the keeping citizens safe is an ongoing effort.

The Department of Homeland Security warned cities that groups like Al-Qaida continue to find sites that cater to crowds an attractive target. The alert follows an investigation of a possible terrorist plot in New York City involving a Colorado man.

Chicagoans said they are not worried, but appreciate the warning.

"I think it is a good thing to tell people that this can take place. You don't want to just tell people that this will never happen again," said Linda Meyer.

"guess the government just tries to keep people on they toes and alert and looking out," said David Palmer.

"This tells me they're still on the job. I don't need to be overly concerned about it, but at least they're still monitoring things," said John Meyer.

Both Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and Illinois Governor Patrick Quinn say they are well aware of the latest alerts and said the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois are prepared.

"We have one of the finest 911 centers in country. We work very closely with the state of Illinois," said Daley.

"The state of Illinois got a very high grade on our Homeland Security and emergency management. We work very closely with the city," said Quinn.

As for mass transit, both CTA and Metra officials said they continue to have communication with the local, state and federal government and security patrols on trains.

The Hyatt Corporation released the following statement concerning the threat against hotels: "While we employ a wide range of security measures and safety protocols customized to the needs of each hotel and the environment in which it is operating, we do not comment on the specific security measures employed."

While boats and waterways are not included with the latest alert, Mark Mills with Shoreline Water Taxis said he is always on the look out for suspicious activity.

"We always keep an eye out especially around Union Station stops because that's a transit hub," said Mark Mills, Shoreline Water Taxi.

As for sports complexes, the White Sox finish their season at home this weekend. A spokesman with The Cell said he also cannot comment on any specific security changes as a result of the latest threat.

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