Final weekend before Kiddieland closes

September 25, 2009 (MELROSE PARK, Ill.) It's a Chicago area institution. Eighty-one years of family fun comes to an end as Kiddieland closes its doors.

One of the owner's great grandchildren, Erin Rynes-Markiewicz, spoke with ABC7 Chicago Friday.

ABC7: "For the final weekend, anything special that the public can expect?"

Rynes-Markiewicz: "It's regular operation here. We're getting ready just to go out with a bang and have a good time. We have Curious George here from 2:00 to 7:00, but it's kind of a regular day, a chance to say goodbye and thanks for the opportunities over the years."

ABC7: This is a family business, obviously. It must have been very difficult to make the decision to finally close this down.

Rynes-Markiewicz : "It was very difficult, but we're really happy and proud of what we've done over the years. It just kind of comes down to business, unfortunately."

ABC7: Is it possible that Kiddieland will reopen in the future? Or at a different place? Or in a different form?

Rynes-Markiewicz: "We have heard a lot of those questions. When something becomes finalized, we will certainly make that announcement, and let everybody know."

ABC7: There was a published report about Kiddieland possibly being purchased, but is that a little too early to talk about right now?

Rynes-Markiewicz: "A little too early. Details are still being finalized, but when something does become final, we certainly want everyone to know."

ABC7: This is the last weekend for the general public. So, no one comes after Sunday, or will there be visitors a few days into next week?

Rynes-Markiewicz: "This is last day for the general public, and then next weekend is private events. We have an alumni reunion, and then a closing ceremony. So, people will bid to ride the last rides."

ABC7 : Thank you so much for joining us. We wish you and your family well.

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