Bomb squad responds to Loop theater

Two suspicious packages force evacuation
October 6, 2009 (CHICAGO) Chicago police and the fire department were on the scene Tuesday night.

Two suspicious boxes were found in the alley next to the theater. Hazmat teams were called in to check them out.

Witnesses tell ABC7 the evacuation took place at intermission.

Theater officials say the show has been cancelled for the night. Ticket holders can contact the office Wednesday for more information about refunds or a rescheduling.

The bomb squad blew up two packages that turned out to be harmless.

Two suspicious boxes were found that had notes on them, one saying "this is not a bomb," and the other saying "this is not going to end good."

"No panic, people actually kind of wondering, gosh, what is going on?" said Rebecca Bunting, evacuated theater patron.

"I was excited more than anything because I have never been involved in anything like this," said Judy Dunman, evacuated theater patron.

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