Experience "YOU!" at new exhibit

October 7, 2009 (CHICAGO) The Museum of Science and Industry has long been the king of interactive exhibits, and they've done it again with a new permanent show called "YOU! The Experience." It's 15,000 square feet of you.

"It's the whole body and the mind, the spirit. It gets you physically engaged, mentally engaged, emotionally engaged," said Patricia Ward, Director of Science and Technology at the museum.

The old walk through heart has been replaced by a 13- foot tall beating, throbbing heart, and with your hands on the control it beats to your rhythm.

"Does it scare you how fast your heart is going? No, it fascinates me," said 12-year-old Brianna Jenkins, who was at the museum Wednesday.

There are more than 50 interactive stations that entertain and educate and "you" are the star of each one.

Sixteen-year-old Californian Tanner Lanksbury was at the museum Wednesday for Thursday's opening. Eight years ago half of his brain was removed to eliminate seizures. He is now living a perfectly normal life. He is here to teach museum goers about medical miracles. There is also a giant hamster wheel designed to get our human hamster hearts up to speed.

There are lots of things to play with at the museum, such as computers that age your face 20, 30 or 40 years. For instance, Jake Cusack went from 32 to 72.

"I look all right. Just a couple wrinkles. You're alive ... I'm alive that's good," Cusack said.

Students also learn about their bodies and business, such as how to keep a job.

"I am doing a business job so I won't get fired to this lady who talks Spanish," said 10-year-old Jazmyn Carthen. "Wow! Are you doing it? Are you going to get fired? Maybe."

The "YOU! The Experience" exhibit opens to the public on Thursday, Oct. 8.

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