Judy Baar Topinka running for comptroller

October 25, 2009 (CHICAGO)

"We don't have to take this," she said.

Topinka, a Republican candidate, asked supporters to join her in doing a little housecleaning. She says the state is swimming in red ink and is governed by people who cannot suggest anything new but raising taxes.

She promised if she is elected, she would be a fiscal watchdog.

"I can just run on my record. There are those who might be ashamed of their record or have to hide from their record. I can put mine forward. It was very good in the House, very good in the Senate. It was extremely good in the state treasurer's office. There was no scandal. We accounted for everything. We lived within our budget," the candidate said.

Other Republican candidates in comptroller's race include Jim Dodge and William Kelly.

Sunday, Kelly said Topinka is not the future of the Republican Party or Illinois.

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