Wallpaper Tips and Trends from Graham & Brown

October 27, 2009 If you haven't looked at wallpaper lately, you'll be surprised at the way things of changed, Williams adds. You won't find your grandma's wall coverings. Trends include paintable and peel-able paper; metallics; hot colors and sophisticated patterns inspired by the hottest designers in Europe and the U.S.

Williams has some tips on what to look for and how to hang it once you find a wallpaper pattern you can live with.

Wallpaper Do's & Don'ts

1. DO choose wallpaper in a bold color. Hanging wallpaper is much quicker than painting several layers of paint to achieve the same results.
2. DO consider the ceiling. An interesting pattern on the ceiling can liven up a room.
3. DO consider coordinating patterns. One bold Feature Wall looks great with a complimentary pattern on the other 3 walls.
4. DON'T censor yourself. Paste the Wall wallpaper removes in full strips, so it's not a lifetime commitment. Pick a pattern that shows some personality!
5. DON'T be afraid to try it in an apartment. If you use a clear primer, the wallpaper will strip easily when your lease is up.
6. DON'T forget the small spaces. Using wallpaper to cover a book case, in a closet, or even in a small entryway is a clever way decorate.

Wallpaper Trends

1. The Lux Look. Designer patterns and rich colors are back stronger than ever. Wallpaper gives you the unique ability to use metallics and get great pattern into your home in a way that paint just can't match.
2. Masculine Patterns. Gone are the days of your grandma's wallpaper. The new wallpaper patterns are chic geometrics, bold stripes, and strong floral blooms.
3. Black and White and Purple all over. Whether it is solid black with high gloss accents, strong Black and White, or a punch of Purple, this year's hottest fashion trends are coming off the runway straight into your living room!

Installation Hints & Tips

1. Always prime your walls with a high quality wallpaper primer before hanging wallpaper. Wallpaper primer seals the surface of the wall to ensure easy removal when it's time for a change.
2. When using Paintable wallpaper, allow the wallpaper to hang 24 hours prior to painting. This will allow the paper to dry properly and avoid bubbles from the paint.
3. Always use a sharp blade when trimming wallpaper. It is best to use a snap-off razor so you can use a fresh blade every 2-3 cuts.
4. Not all walls are perfect, so draw a line on your wall with a level to be sure you're hanging straight. Never use the ceiling as a guide.
5. Start wallpapering in an inconspicuous location in your room, like behind the door. Chances are, the pattern won't match up at the end, so choose a place that it won't be obvious.
6. New Paste-the-Wall technology makes it easier than ever to hang wallpaper. You simply paste the wall and hang the wallpaper straight from the roll. It's quick, clean and easy!

For additional Hints & Tips, visit www.grahambrown.com/us/faqs.


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