Police turn to public in Steger murder

Man killed in armed robbery
November 18, 2009 (STEGER, Ill.) Daniel Moreno, 23, was working at his family's business in suburban Steger, Ill., when he was shot to death just before 8 p.m. Tuesday. Police are searching for two suspects.

"He was a very good person he loved his family a lot and he definitely didn't deserve it," said Brittany Nemeth, friend.

Flowers are now in front of the salon, Hair Trends, located at 3121 Chicago Road in Steger, where Moreno was killed during the armed robbery.

"He was one of the best guys I've known. He had a very good heart he got along with everybody," said Nemeth.

Police said two men armed with guns walked into the salon and demanded money.

"They both had grey hoods and bandanas covering their face, both were armed with small caliber handguns there were three employees in the business," said Chief Richard Stultz, Steger Police Dept.

Police said one of the robbers grabbed cash from the register as the other asked Moreno for his cell phone -- and then shot him in the head. The thieves got away with less than $100.

"They took the money -- knocked the phones off the counter -- pulled the chords out of the phones," said Chief Stultz.

Investigators say the suspects were driving a dark colored SUV or mini van with circular shaped tail lights and a loud muffler.

"It's just so sad that someone could be taken from you in a matter of a second. And I really, really hope that they catch who did this to them," said Terri Caroll, customer.

An autopsy on Moreno's body is scheduled for later Wednesday. Steger's police chief says its been several years since the suburb has had a murder.

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