Hynes: Quinn asleep at the wheel

November 19, 2009 (CHICAGO) The debate began with remarks from Midge Hough. She recounted the tragic story of her 24-year-old pregnant daughter-in-law, Jenny, who according to Hough died because she lacked health insurance.

"In the end, Jenny lost her courageous battle. She had a heart attack, a brain bleed, a stroke. The baby died," said Hough.

On Thursday, the Dan Hynes for Governor Campaign issued their video that showed the candidates during Hough's speech. The video showed Governor Quinn yawning. The video was procured and edited by the Hynes camp. Later in the video Quinn appears to be nodding, while the State Comptroller sits next to him wide awake and super attentive.

A few minutes later, during his opening remarks, Hynes made the point that he was paying attention to Midge Hough's story.

"Jen's life and her tragic death moves all of us," said Hynes.

The governor had appeared with Hynes eight hours earlier, Wednesday morning at the Union League. He presumably returned to his office to perform his gubernatorial duties and then attended the healthcare debate at 3 p.m.

The Hynes campaign alleges that Quinn was "asleep at the wheel."

"He was not. He was taking notes," said Elizabeth Austin, Quinn spokeswoman.

Austin said that Quinn's pencil was moving while his head was down.

Austin and other Quinn staffers uploaded a You-Tube video, showing the governor meeting with Midge Hough after the debate. Subtitles were added to prove Quinn was well aware of what she said.

Hynes campaign manager Matt McGrath described the video presented by the Hynes team as "true blue."

"We couldn't believe how disrespectful PQ was being until we watched the tape later and saw that he was actually nodding off," said McGrath

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