Oprah's 2006 visit to ABC7's studios

Archived from April 10, 2006
November 20, 2009 (CHICAGO) ABC7's state-of-the-art State Street Studio was home to Oprah Winfrey during her show "A.M. Chicago." Chicago's very own queen of talk went on a behind-the-scene tour during a rehearsal.

"Well, how cool is this?" said Oprah Winfrey as she visited with our ABC7 News This Morning team. "I like it. It's my old home, you know."

"But it's much more modernized and cool," said Oprah.

"We spruced it up a little bit," said ABC7's Hosea Sanders.

"You all spent the dough," said Oprah.

"When I was here, we were pulling people off the street to come in and warm up and get some doughnuts. We're like come on, get doughnuts. It's a little different. You all are very upscale. I see you're living large. How appropriate that I would be your virgin run because on this set because this was my old set. This was my old not set, but studio. And it's moved out. You all have moved on up."

"We have. We're moving on up to the top," said Sanders.

"It's going to be a little different having people watch us, too," said ABC7's Judy Hsu.

"Oh, yeah. That's fun. That's the new trend having people watching. See, like now they're waving," said Oprah.

Oprah said it was the first time she'd been back to ABC7 since she built her own studio on Carpenter Street.

"It's like coming home again," said Oprah, who started AM Chicago in 1984.

"You know, I always say this. I say Jesus loves me because the fact that not only did I have a marching band, a bad fur coat, not even a good one, a bad fur coat, a marching band and a Geri curl and still managed to be successful in this town. The day after walking out onto the street and going to Carson Pirie Scott and everybody on the street was calling my name, I thought something happened. Now we're up in the big league," said Oprah.

Oprah said she watches ABC7 News every morning.

"When I'm watching you guys, I'm either on my treadmill at home or at East Bank and I'm always on the ABC7 monitor so that I can check out what's happening," said Oprah. "This is cool."

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