Baby injured by pet monkey

Animal Control: Monkey's owners not negligent
November 24, 2009 10:04:52 AM PST
A 4-year-old monkey that reached through its cage to grab a baby's hair will remain with its LaPorte, Ind., family, according to officials. The monkey, named "Sammy," grabbed the hood of a 10-month-old girl's jacket and pulled her to the cage. The girl's mother, who is a relative of Sammy's owner, said the monkey banged the child's head into the cage.

The monkey's owner was able to get Sammy to let go. The girl was not seriously injured.

A police report was filed, but Animal Control said no legal action will be taken against Sammy's owners, who, according to officer Sarah Burnth, are responsible owners who kept Sammy in a cage that has a sign warning the monkey will grab anything within reach.

Animal Control does not recommend monkeys as pets, but said the Java Macaque has been properly taken care of and the owners are not negligent.