Chicago mayor's wife being treated for bone cancer

December 2, 2009 (CHICAGO) This time Maggie Daley is being treated for what doctors describe as a cancerous lesion in her leg.

The first lady is very up beat and is following doctors' orders to use a wheelchair. Maggie Daley started using it earlier this week. The wheelchair was ordered as a way to reduce weigh bearing during her treatment.

This evening, the mayor's press office confirmed that Mrs. Daley has begun radiation treatments for a cancerous lesion in her right leg. The treatment also means she will be in a wheelchair.

Her doctor said in the statement: "She has been a remarkable person who continues to do wonderfully well as we continue to reassess what next steps would be best. Fortunately, the therapy has continued to evolve with new options."

Mrs. Daley was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002. In 2006 she did have a tumor removed from her right breast. And earlier this year, she had a biopsy of a bone lesion that had shown some changes in an MRI and a bone scan.

In April, Mayor Daley spoke with ABC7's Charles Thomas about his wife's struggle with cancer.

"She's been fortunate as a survivor. It's amazing. She reaches out to others, gives them strength. I think that's very important," said Daley.

Maggie Daley is a champion in this city for those less fortunate. Her volunteerism is legendary. Mrs. Daley presence at any function adds an air of grace as she did in Copenhagen in October. For nearly a decade, she has done much of this work while living with metastatic breast cancer.

Dr. Steven Gitelis, an orthopedic oncologist with Rush University Medical Center, offers hope to those diagnosed with bone cancer.

"I've been doing bone cancer work for 30 years. I've seen woman with metastatic breast cancer living with it more than 20 years," said Dr. Gitelis.

Mayor Daley is expected to comment on his wife's condition on Thursday.

The mayor's press secretary says Mrs. Daley didn't want people jumping to any conclusions if they saw her in a wheelchair. So, they released the statement on Wednesday night.

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