Court denies challenges to cemetery acquisition

The decision is one of the last steps which is needed to complete construction on a runway as part of the O'Hare modernization program.

The court ruled that the city could proceed with its suit to condemn the cemetery owned by St. John's United Church of Christ. Friday's ruling will allow the court to begin determining the amount of money to be paid for the cemetery, after which the relocation process can begin.

Earlier this week, the mayor urged some Chicago aldermen to re-consider their opposition to another Walmart in Chicago.

Some objected saying the company pays low wages and offers little or no benefits.

Now Walmart is saying it will accept a city minimum wage if it also applies to all other businesses in the city.

In 2006, Mayor Daley vetoed a city ordinance that would have imposed a $13 dollar an hour minimum wage only on big box stores like Walmart.

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