New Year's Eve fashion

December 27, 2009 Shannon Ridgeway is Northbrook Court's fashion expert. And she is here to show us the top five New Year's Eve trends inspired by the best-dressed celebrities.


Celebrity Trend Watch Photo: Jennifer Lopez
* Over-the-knee boots are all the rage - you'll definitely look on-trend this NYE.
* Or, if your NYE happens to be more low-key, pair them with a slim jeans and a belted tunic sweater. Leggings and a boyfriend cardigan will work, too.

Product: Hiho in Black

Retailer: Stuart Weitzman at Northbrook Court
Price Point: $675

Alternative: Aldo's Imming Thigh High Boots in Black
Price Point: $120


Celebrity Trend Watch Photo: Kim Kardashian
* Oh the drama! Don't be caught dead in calf leggings this winter. Cold air equals cover-the-legs!
* Instead, try full ankle leggings with booties - perfect, fashionista solution.
* And -- perfect for NYE -- pair with a sparkly slip dress!

Product: Liquid Black Leggings
Retailer: Akira at Northbrook Court
Price Point: $32

Product: Soliel Bootie in Black
Retailer: Akira at Northbrook Court
Price Point: $49

Product: Sequins Slip Dress in Hot Pink
Retailer: Akira at Northbrook Court
Price Point: $32


Celebrity Trend Watch Photo: Sarah Jessica Parker
* Even if you cannot afford an entire new outfit for NYE, jazz up an old favorite with a fabulous piece of statement jewelry!
* Get sassy and fun like the photo you see here of our beloved SJP!
* Or, exaggerated hair accessories and chunky bracelets will add flair, too - think a large bracelet, bangles, matching earrings and large ring.


Celebrity Trend Watch Photo: Fergie
* Bottom line - A sequin dress is all you need this holiday. Simple, sparkly and festive = fun!
* And, if a full sequins dress is too intimidating, try a shirt, scarf or a purse for some glam.

Product: Sequin Single Strap Dress in Black
Retailer: XXI Forever at Northbrook Court
Price Point: $15.50


Celebrity Trend Watch Photo: David Beckham
* Men - Time to get rid of those belly hugging ties!
* Instead, change into a sleek, "Mad Men" inspired skinny tie - a simple change that will completely update a look for NYE.

Product: Solid Skinny Knit Tie in Black
Retailer: J. Crew at Northbrook Court
Price Point: $49.50

Product: Striped Slim Tie
Retailer: Brooks Brothers
Price Point: $75

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