Last-minute shoppers search for deals

December 24, 2009 (CHICAGO) Neither rain nor sleet nor snow was enough to keep last-minute gift givers from rushing the stores on Christmas Eve. Desperate shoppers are searching for big deals -- or whatever is left on the shelves.

They had all kinds of excuses for waiting until the last minute to shop.

"I'm visiting family here for the week and I'm doing last minute shopping because I didn't want to bring all the stuff on plane," said Daniel Dennison, Los Angeles.

"I waited this long because my nieces and nephews have just gotten into town from Arizona and I wanted them to be able to sort of pick out what they wanted," said Rachel De Benedet, Near North resident.

"You get those last minute ideas about who you forgot and you're like oh yeah can't forget about them," said Shannell Marshall, South Side resident.

"Cause I'm a procrastinator. I do everything last minute. Work best that way," said Casey Cronin, South Loop resident.

Some hit the jackpot -- scoping out steals and deals.

"You just want to get whatever is on sale at the last minute, whatever is left on the rack," said Angela Vazquez, West Side resident.

"I'm finding great deals. You know, some great deals. In fact, I recommend to everybody go out and shop at the last minute," said Christian Strachan, South Loop resident.

Others got an unwelcomed surprise.

"I did buy some gifts last week, but I just put off today for the things I thought would be the easiest to do only to find those things are not here. So, I should've known better," said Joan Balthazar, Hyde Park resident.

"Hopefully, I got everything. But there are a lot of things that aren't here. So, I'm trying to just make it a good Christmas for my kids," said Lorenzo Jackson, South Side resident.

But even as they wait in long lines, they all know it's better to shop late than to show up empty-handed.

"I worked all through Thanksgiving and I have to work this weekend. I'm only off tomorrow. So I had to get it done," said Ashley Kitchens, South Side resident.

"I've got to get some gifts that I didn't have a chance to get and Target is offering an opportunity for me to save my soul," said Christian Strachan, South Loop resident.

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