CPS chief defends against claims about cars

January 9, 2010 8:05:20 PM PST
Chicago public schools chief Ron Huberman responded Saturday to a report that he has two cars paid for by taxpayers. "I would challenge that premise, that I have two vehicles. Neither of these vehicles is ever used for personal use. Both of these vehicles are used multiple times throughout the week by multiple staff," Huberman said.

The Chicago Tribune reported that the school district pays about $1,800 each month for a car and SUV. On top of that, the district also pays for a driver.

Huberman said Saturday that 25 employees have access to the vehicles, and he told ABC7 Chicago that he gets work done while traveling around the city, something that having a driver makes possible.

However, during difficult economic times, Huberman said the district is looking at cost efficiencies, and he said "everything is on the table."