Savio's doctor testifies at Drew Peterson hearing

January 28, 2010 4:59:45 AM PST
The doctor of Drew Peterson's third wife took the witness stand Wednesday at a pre-trial hearing. Kathleen Savio's health was the focus of testimony at the hearing, which concerns how much hearsay evidence will be allowed at Peterson's upcoming murder trial.Savio was in good health until the day she was found dead in a bathtub six years ago, according to her internist, Dr. Vinod Motiani. The doctor testified Wednesday that he treated Drew Peterson's third wife for a variety of ailments for over 10 years. Motiani said, "Based on my history, she was no more prone than a normal person to slip and fall in the tub." But Peterson's defense attorney Joel Brodsky disagrees.

"She was not healthy. She saw -- what? -- eight, nine, 10 doctors. She was on seven or eight different medications. She was exhibiting what we call drug-seeking behavior, getting the same prescriptions from many different doctors," Brodsky said outside court.

Brodsky said his view of Savio's health is based on her medical records. As for her prescription drug use, Motiani said his records show "this is not a pattern of drug-seeking behavior."

Stacy Peterson's family spokesperson, Pam Bosco, said she is not surprised Brodsky made such statements about Savio's health.

"What Brodsky tried to do is more mudslinging against Kathleen, which is really sad under the circumstances, which he has tried to apply to every single witness that has gotten up there," said Bosco.

An Illinois State Police investigator also took the stand to testify about two interviews he conducted with Drew Peterson in the immediate days following Stacy's disappearance. Patrick Callahan said he thought it was odd that Drew Peterson referred to Stacy in past tense after Peterson told Callahan that Stacy was leaving him and not coming home.

Brodsky defended his client's words.

"When somebody takes off, maybe he was referring to that his wife had left him. This certainly is not indicative of anything," Brodsky said.

Also on the witness stand was a woman Peterson briefly saw while he was still married to Savio. She said she ran into Peterson shortly after Savio's death and asked him how the children were handling it. She said Drew replied by saying, "They will be fine. She was crazy."

Prosecutors have presented over two dozen witnesses at the pre-trial hearsay hearing. Kathleen Savio's sister is expected to take the stand this week, and her pastor Neil Schori is expected to testify Friday morning.