Apparent police chase ends in Hazel Crest crash

February 4, 2010 6:54:59 PM PST
An apparent police chase that began in Country Club Hills ended in Hazel Crest with a crash at the intersection of 175th and Kedzie.

Country Club Hills Police said they were following two burglary suspects. Those suspects were all inside of a black vehicle at the time of the multi-car accident. According to the Medical Examiner, one of the suspects was killed.

Country Club Hills Police told ABC 7 they are in charge of the criminal investigation. It all started in their jurisdiction at about 1 p.m. Thursday afternoon. Country Club Hills Police got a phone call from a resident saying there was a burglary in progress, that there were people inside of her neighbor's home.

The suspects were in a black car, according to police. Country Club Hills Police followed that vehicle and it crossed into Hazel Crest. Police and witnesses say that the black car ran a red light, and at that point, it got T-boned by a white delivery truck. The truck driver suffered from chest pains and was taken to the hospital.

Two other cars were also involved in this accident. The passengers in those vehicles are said to have suffered only minor injuries. The three suspects in the black car were injured. The driver was airlifted in critical condition. As for the passengers, one was taken to the hospital, the other one was taken into custody.

Witnesses are saying they are not sure how close police were following in the pursuit.

"I did hear cops' sirens, but I did not see cop cars. But I did hear sirens. And then a black car, a black Mazda, flew through the intersection and got T-boned by the white truck," said Larry Watkins, witness.

Watkins said he was standing at the intersection of 175th and Kedzie when the entire crash unfolded before him. As of about 4:30 p.m., that intersection was still the scene of an active ongoing investigation.

At this point, no names of anyone involved have been released until police can take a closer look at what happened.