Cohen's ex-girlfriend: 'He's not fit to hold office'

February 6, 2010 8:57:02 PM PST
The one-time prostitute at the center of the Scott Lee Cohen scandal is weighing in on her ex-boyfriend's qualifications to be Lieutenant Governor of Illinois.Scott Lee Cohen indicated earlier in the week that once his ex-wife and ex-girlfriend spoke publicly, people would view him differently.

Mr. Cohen's ex-wife may be standing by him, but his ex-girlfriend definitely is not.

For days, only Amanda Eneman's face has been made public. Now, we know her opinion. Eneman is unloading on the pawnbroker and wanna-be politician with whom she lived.

"Based on her personal observations over the course of their relationship and his behavior, Ms. Eneman does not believe he is fit to hold any public office, including that of lieutenant governor," said Gloria Allred, a Los Angeles celebrity attorney who says she is representing Amanda Eneman.

Eneman was convicted of working as a prostitute in 2005, during the time period she lived with the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor.

Mr. Cohen has admitted the two had a tumultuous relationship. Eneman accused him of holding a knife to her neck. He denies it, and the charges were dropped when she failed to appear in court.

"Ms. Eneman was Scott Lee Cohen's girlfriend, and she lived with him for about a year some four or five years ago," Allred told ABC7 Chicago.

Cohen claims he did not know Eneman was a prostitute. He calls 2005, a "horrific year."

That's the same year when his ex-wife took out an order of protection, claiming steroid use frequently sent Cohen into a rage. She also accused him of having multiple affairs and forcing himself on her sexually.

Thursday, Debbie York-Cohen did not take back any of her accusations but insisted her ex-husband is now a changed man.

Eneman's attorney said Saturday that her new client was not prepared to conduct interviews or speak personally with reporters at this time.

Mr. Cohen has not responded to multiple requests for comment in recent days. In a prepared statement issued as the scandal intensified Thursday Cohen said:

"When the facts come to light, after my ex-wife and ex-girlfriend speak, the people of Illinois can decide, and I will listen to them directly."

Nearly every influential Democrat in the state is calling on Cohen to quit. However, Mayor Daley refused Saturday to join the chorus. Instead, he jabbed the media for not uncovering the Cohen controversy before voters went to the polls.

"So, why is it you, now all of a sudden, you're so concerned about it? You all knew about it," Daley said. "It changes now."

While Daley may be laughing, Gov. Pat Quinn is not. Afterall, he is stuck with Scott Lee Cohen as a running mate.