February 7, 2010: Black History Month

February 8, 2010 9:10:25 AM PST
We celebrated the start of Black History Month by looking at Illinois Service Federal Savings and "A Taste of Black History."

Illinois Service Federal Savings and Loan has been providing service and integrity since 1934. Thirteen African-American men, and their many supporters, had a dream to establish a savings and loan association sensitive to the needs of Black residents of Chicago. The story began in the early 1930's when it was all but impossible for people of color to obtain mortgage loans. Visit www.isfbank.com for more information.

We talked with students of Washburne Culinary Insitute of the City Colleges of Chicago who prepared traditional Soul Food dishes using products of African American companies available at Jewel Osco stores. The dishes are offered throughout Black History Month at selected stores honoring the culinary contributions and traditions of African Americans through "A Taste of Black History." We also talked with the owners of those companies about their inspirations, passions and challenges of going into business and growing their companies so that others may be inspired by their success. To learn more visit www.kennedyking.ccc.edu/washburne and www.yourjewelosco.com