Indiana man survives 4 days in snow

February 8, 2010 8:49:36 PM PST
A northwest Indiana man survived four days without food after becoming stranded in the snow on a trip through Colorado.Jason Pede of Chesterton, Indiana was driving a rescue dog from California to Pueblo, Colorado.

Pede says his GPS suggested a route that's only passable in the summer and Pede became stuck. He had no food or water so he ate snow. But when he ran out of gas he knew he had to walk the seven miles back to the highway.

"My truck became the coffin. Once I ran out of fuel that was it. No more fuel, I can't stay warm which means if I can't stay warm I can't handle the 6 degree temperatures I endured the two nights previous," said Pede.

Pede collapsed when he reached the highway but drivers quickly came to his rescue.

The dog is OK and has been delivered to its new owner.