Local artisans hold Valentine's Day Pastry Market

February 12, 2010 9:04:53 AM PST
Still need a Valentine's Day gift? Check out a unique market -- filled with all sorts of sweet treats that might even make for a fun date -- this weekend.Farmer's markets usually bring together all sorts of unique vendors. It's that concept that sparked the idea to bring together a number of pastry chefs this Saturday to offer a one-stop shopping experience for just about any kind of sweet craving you might have.

Not everyone can afford a bricks-and-mortar store. Take Beth Jacob, for example. Her business, Macaron Chicago, just makes one thing - macarons, the traditional, French cookie. So she turned to the Logan Square Kitchen for help with cooking space.

"Logan Square Kitchen is a greenhouse for small food businesses. We have a commercial kitchen that is available for use by the hour. There's three separate galleys," said Zina Murray, owner of Logan Square Kitchen.

Murray had so many connections in the sweet world, she decided to pool them together for a one-of-a-kind Valentine's Day Pastry Market on the 13th.

"It's just a magical feeling being in a market. And so I thought, I've never been to a pasty market before, why not give it a try?"

Jacob - and her macarons - will be there.

"They're made with merengue-based shells and fillings of caramel, buttercream, jam or ganache," said Jacob.

Katherine Ann Confections is another market participant.

"We usually make about nine flavors of truffles and four kinds of caramels and then we package them in our fair-trade, biodegradable boxes. The flavor for Valentines day is pomegranate truffle. Which is outstanding. It's a little sweet, tart, quite excellent," said Katherine Duncan of Katherine Ann Confections.

Floriole Bakery is a regular at the local farmer's markets... her cookies, cakes and galettes are certainly more in line with rustic French baking.

"It means it's not fancy. It's not touched by a lot of hands. I guess. It's kind of what your Grandma might make for you," said Sandra Holl, owner of Floriole Bakery.

Oak Park's Rare Bird Preserves will have its artisanal, seasonal, local jam on hand...

"The jam is made with homemade, no commercial pectin. It's made with a homemade pectin I make. So it's a softer set, but it actually holds the whole pieces of fruit," said Elizabeth Madden of Rare Bird Preserves.

The women from Flour Cake and Pastry will have cupcakes and decorated cookies to sell, but they're also there to set up cake-tastings.

"We specialize in custom weeding cakes, shaved cakes and pastries. Our cakes not only look exquisite, but they taste divine," said Nicole Chibnik of Flour Cake and Pastry.

Tiny Cakes does big business at the Logan Square Farmer's Market every week.. they hope this Valentine's Day Market does just as well.

"We are a husband and wife owned business and we make individual sized desserts and we customize in custom dessert tables," said Stephanie Merello of Tiny Cakes.

They'll have custom favors for potential brides or baby showers, plus chocolate chip brownies and a couple of vegan options to sell. Brady Braden is another hopeful vendor.

"My business is called B True Bakery and we do all natural, whole grain baked goods. So everything you would expect and enjoy from a traditional bakery, but healthier alternatives; using locally sourced ingredients, using compostable and biodegradable packaging. And only using whole-grain natural ingredients for the cookies, cakes, tarts, etc.," said Brady Braden of B True Bakery.

Saturday, February 13th, 2010
10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Logan Square Kitchen
2333 N. Milwaukee Avenue

All the local food artisans showcased at this unique event are dedicated to delicious pastry and confection creations. Attendees at this delectable event can purchase treats to take home for their Valentines or simply devour these amazing sweet and savory creations on the spot. In addition, some featured vendors will be baking in the Logan Square Kitchen. Come see a sustainable kitchen in action and see what it takes to create exquisite, delicious pastries and treats. Attendees are invited to ask questions and learn more about the artisans and their craft.

Housed in the Logan Square Kitchen, Chicago's only sustainable kitchen and events space (logansquarekitchen.com) more than a dozen artisans will be showcasing their edible creations.

Some of the participants include:

  • BTrue Bakery

  • Fig Catering

  • Floriole Bakery
    2119 N. Rockwell St.

  • Flour Cake & Pastry
    35 Chicago Ave.
    Oak Park
    (Appointment Only)

  • Katherine Anne Confections

  • Nice Cream

  • Metropolis Coffee

  • Porte Rouge Tea Merchants

  • Rare Bird Preserves

  • Rich Chocolates & Candies

  • Sugarkist Cakes& Pies

  • Macaron Chicago

  • Tinycakes