Fans watch as Canada defeats U.S. in hockey

February 28, 2010 5:54:20 PM PST
Canada and the United States went to sudden death in a battle for Olympic gold in hockey Sunday. In the end, Canada came out on top by a final of 3-2, a tough loss for the States.Still, fans in Chicago could not have asked for more exciting game. At the ESPN Zone on Ohio Street, the Chicago Blackhawks organization hosted a viewing party. On the second floor, all USA fans gathered, and downstairs is where the Canadian fans cheered on their team.

You could hear a pin drop upstairs when Canada scored the game-winning goal, but that certainly was not the case minutes earlier when the United States, with seconds to go, tied it up in the third period.

After that, it was on to overtime, which surprised many because Canada was up 2-0 at one point in the game. Seven minutes into the first period, there were 'boos' and cheers everywhere because a Canadian scored the first goal of the game.

Four Blackhawks played in Sunday's game, one for the U.S. team and three for the Canadian team.

The last time that Canada won a gold medal was in Salt Lake City eight years ago. The last time the U.S. got a gold medal in hockey was in 1980.

Regardless of the game, every fan speaking with ABC7 said it was a nerve-wracking one, and it was great a game.

It's sad, but it's silver, not bad, not bad. I know canada was favored, and we didn't go down without a fight," USA fan Cheryl Maloney said.

"I'm happy for all of the Blackhawks players. I like Sidney. It's tough to cheer against anybody. It was a great game to watch," said Joe Schmitt, also a USA fan.

"Everyone had a good time. All these people here, it was a good time," said Alex Ravian, a Canada fan. "Really close. I was really surprised to see the last goal but really happy that we came through for the win."

U.S. President Obama and the Canadian prime minister made a bet on the game, over beer. So, now President Obama has to get 24 bottles of Molson beer, a Canadian beer that now is a subsidiary of Coors beer, and give it to the prime minister. So, in a way, he is actually going to give away some American beer.