"STIR": Mixing It Up in the Italian Tradition

March 1, 2010 9:48:28 AM PST
Chef Barbara Lynch of Boston is one of more than a dozen accomplished chefs traveling from all over the country today to celebrate Chicago Chef Art Smith's 50th birthday and help raise money for his favorite cause "Common Threads." While in town, Chef Barbara is also sharing some cooking tips with us here on ABC 7 News at 11 am. Chef Barbara is giving us home cooks some advice on how to make a special Italian dish we might never dare to attempt: Ricotta Gnudi, which are tiny dumplings fashioned out of homemade ricotta cheese.(Yes, she says you can make your own ricotta! The recipe is below.) While we might not feel up to the challenge presented by the James Beard Award-winning chef, Barbara details every step in her new cookbook Stir: Mixing It Up in the Italian Tradition." She says try Ricotta Gnudi with her Odd Fellow Marinara.

"Despite my successes, I remember how starved I was for information as an aspiring chef, which is why I decided to write my own cookbook," says Chef Barbara. The head of a $14 million restaurant empire, Chef Barbara has garnered national attention for her adventurous and sophisticated cuisine?Italian influenced, French inspired, with a hefty dose of New England practicality and South Boston irreverence. Yet Lynch, who never attended culinary school, doesn't take her blessings or her gifts for granted?and she's more than eager to share what she's learned along the way. With the publication of "STIR: Mixing It Up in the Italian Tradition.", home cooks can make Lynch's show-stopping food in their own kitchens.

In this long-awaited cookbook, Barbara reveals the secrets and tips behind her impossibly silky homemade pastas, decadent sauces, delectable antipasti, and desserts no one will ever want to skip. All of the best of Barbara is here, including:

  • Fabulous antipasti: Barbara knows how to get a party started. With recipes for Spiced Prunes and Fig, Ricotta, and Prosciutto Tartines, Brioche Pizzas and Gorgonzola Fondue, you will too.
  • Pastas that wow: Barbara is rightly famous for her homemade pastas and rich-tasting sauces. Here's everything you need to know to make the best pasta at home, from Barbara's Butcher Shop Bolognese and Ricotta Gnudi to her signature Prune-Stuffed Gnocchi.
  • Weeknight wonders: Barbara cooks for her family every night, and she has the easy, delicious recipes to prove it: Rigatoni with Spicy Sausage and Cannellini Beans, Leak and Potato Soup with Bay Scallops, Braised Chicken Thighs with Rosemary and Garlic, and more.
  • Seafood that sings: While Barbara may have the soul of an Italian grandmother, she knows her seafood like any true Boston girl. Try Spicy Clam Stew, Seared Sea Bass with Spicy Sofrito, or Lemon Aioli at your house tonight.
  • Delectable desserts: For Barbara, there's no holding back with sweets. No one will say no to Barbara's Creamy Vanilla Bread Pudding, Homemade Apple Butter Tart, or Yogurt Panna Cotta.
  • ABOUT THE AUTHOR An embodiment of the American dream, Barbara Lynch is the James Beard Award?winning chef-owner of Barbara Lynch Gruppo in Boston, which includes No. 9 Park, B & G Oysters, the Butcher Shop, Plum Produce, Drink, Sportello, and Stir, where she teaches cooking classes.

    Easy Homemade Ricotta