Daley criticizes Quinn's proposal to cut state aid

March 9, 2010 3:35:11 PM PST
Mayor Daley criticized Governor Quinn's administration Tuesday for proposing to cut $300 million in state aid to local governments.

Daley stressed that he endorses Quinn, a fellow Democrat, for election as governor in November. But he made clear he differs with Quinn on the governor's plan to reduce money that municipalities need. And he suggested that have cut more than the state.

"Mayors are sacrificing. We have cut back services. They have laid off fire, police, the central services. The mayors are doing all this. Now the state has to do it. How many furlough days have they received from all their employees, both management side and union side? Only local government has to do these things, and that's unfair. And they have not done that yet," said Daley.

Quinn speaks Wednesday on his plan to balance state's budget that may be in deficit by $13 billion.