Maine South wins Rube Goldberg contest

March 12, 2010 3:27:54 PM PST
Maine South High School is the winner of the Argonne National Laboratory's 15th Annual Rube Goldberg Machine Contest. Teams from 12 area high schools competed to build a complex machine that takes at least 20 steps to dispense hand sanitizer and they had to use common household items.

The team from Maine South used 45 steps to complete the task.

"To dispense the hand sanitizer, we did a construction theme, and to start it off, we actually use a TNT box," said Jonathan Bartkowicz, senior, Maine South High School.

The team will now advance to the national championship, which will be held March 27 at Purdue University.

Rube Goldberg's cartoons combined simple items into complicated devices to perform trivial tasks.