Protest calls for tougher gun laws

March 18, 2010 3:48:17 PM PDT
Father Michael Pfleger led a protest calling for tougher gun laws through the South Loop Thursday.

Parishioners from Saint Sabina and some parents who lost children to gun violence- including Ronald Holt, whose son Blair was killed 3 years ago- participated.

"What I could say to a lot of people living in the city of chicago, is that anyone can become a victim of gun violence, the whole bottom line is to keep the guns off the streets, off the streets, out of the hands of dangerous individuals and to reinstate the assault weapons ban," said Ronald Holt.

Holt says a bill in Congress named for his son calls for tougher rules for people wanting to buy guns.

Gun rights advocates said the bill is an assault on their constitutional rights that will do nothing to reduce street violence.