Militia leader says he's ready for war on tape

April 8, 2010 5:20:22 PM PDT
The public is hearing for the first time from a militia group's leader who federal prosecutors say was plotting to kill police and start a war with the government.

David Stone, Sr. is the leader of the militia group Hutaree. He is heard describing Hutaree's political manifesto on a tape that was secretly recorded by an undercover federal agent during a car ride that included Indiana militiaman Thomas Piatek.

On the tapes, Stone says he's ready for war.

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Training videos posted on the Hutaree Christian militia Web site show heavily armed men training for battle. Prosecutors say nine members of the militia were plotting to kill police hoping to start an uprising against the government.

Stone says in a speech recorded during a car trip by an undercover federal agent militia members should take up arms.

"We are free and we should not be afraid or ashamed to admit that we are the American militia. We outnumber them. As long as we let them terrorize any American through fear and intimidation, then they are winning this battle and we should step up to the fight that they have started and finish it," said Stone.

Five members of the militia were in the car during the secretly recorded conversation including Piatek of Whiting, Indiana. Prosecutors charged Piatek in the scheme saying he took part in the militia's conversations.

While they're traveling, prosecutors say the group passed a local police officer making a traffic stop. The group's leader says that officer is on the list of police they plan to kill.

Stone: He's a real (expletive)
Josh, Stone's son: (Unintelligible) that's Hudson police for you though.
Stone: We're gonna...we're gonna pop him -- guaranteed!

Piatek is in the car but doesn't appear to specifically threaten the officer.

Undercover Agent: Do you know his name?
Piatek: I have one [UI]
Stone: It's not hard. There's only like three cops in Hill-, Hudson
Undercover Agent: Oh yeah?
Stone: We're gonna pop every one of them. There we go. "Hey, you think we got him?" "Yeah!" "Why?" "There (sic) all dead."

During Stone's speech in the car he says the police and the government are "terrorists" and should be targeted because they're part of something called the "new world order."

"People in this nation as well as some around this world are waiting for those individuals like you see sitting in this room to actually make the decision to go to war against this evil, greedy new world order," said Stone.

Stone ends his planned speech saying, "now it's time to strike and take our nation back so that we may be free again from tyranny. Time is up. God bless all of you and welcome to the new revolution."

Feds say they interrupted the revolution just in time. Investigators say militia members were about to start killing police.

At the detention hearing for Piatek, prosecutors said the northwest Indiana man witnessed the police plot discussed on tape and didn't object.