Brady to release tax returns Friday

April 22, 2010 (CHICAGO)

Bill Brady says he initially refused to release his tax returns out of respect for his business partners but has since gotten their blessing. He says they told him that not sharing the information was a distraction. And Brady says he wants to make good on a campaign promise.

"You can scrutinize all you want," said Brady.

As long as it's in the three-hour limit, Brady is allowing reporters to view his tax returns. They will only be available in Springfield.

Brady made the announcement a news conference Thursday night.

"The focus on this election is on jobs, the economy and taxes," Brady told reporters.

The Bloomington senator says opening his returns when he ran for governor four years ago hurt his business, which includes real estate and construction.

"I'm a private citizen. But I've chosen to take away the distraction. Now, you'll have an opportunity to look at them and they'll show exactly what I said," said Brady.

This action comes after his gubernatorial opponent took him to task earlier in the week.

Governor Quinn accused Brady of bucking tradition when candidates from both parties choose to release their tax returns. Speaking at an Earth Day event, Gov. Quinn accused Brady of shady politics.

"He's got to get in the sun light. You can't shade the people of Illinois from your income tax returns if you are a candidate or the governor," said Quinn.

On Tuesday, Gov. Quinn released his tax documents and in 2009 he earned a little more than $155,000. He paid $27,547 in federal taxes and $4,468 dollars in state taxes.

"I've always released all my return, including the schedules. That's what Sen. Brady should do. That's disclosing your income tax. Anything short of that is not disclosure," said Quinn.

Brady says three hours is enough time and he won't be providing copies. He says voters can learn more about his financial ties by looking at a disclosure form he files with the state.

ABC7 political reporter Charles Thomas will be in Springfield Friday to check out the returns.

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