12-year-old shooting victim speaks out

April 29, 2010 (CHICAGO)

The suspects fired ten shots from an alley across the street hitting 14-year-old Monica Dixon and 12-year-old Rick Garcia. The shooting happened around nine o'clock Wednesday night near the intersection of 133rd Street and Burley.

Rick Garcia felt a sting and had one thought.

"I'm gonna die," said Garcia.

Instead, he's a 12-year-old survivor after a bullet grazed his elbow, pierced his side, and damaged his psyche.

"I hope we move because I don't want to stay over here," said Garcia.

Garcia and his friend Monica Dixon were shot outside a Hegewisch elementary school Wednesday night after visiting Burnham Park. Garcia says Burnham kids were upset they were in the neighborhood and may have retaliated by tracking them down in Hegewisch.

Dixon is recovering after the bullet grazed her ankle. Her 11-year-old brother witnessed the shooting and the bloody aftermath.

"I was really scared. I was crying. I thought she was dead," said Nick Dixon, Monica's brother.

"I'm just glad she is in the condition she is, physically and mentally, that she's okay," said Monica Koulentiky, Dixon's mother.

The victims remember the two gunmen running from an alley, pulling out their weapons and firing at them across the street.

Garcia was not far from home. He was shot in the school lot, just across the street. His mother wants the shooters to step forward.

"What gives them the impression that they can just go and shoot at somebody? Do they know the repercussions? Do they know the consequences? Do they know my son could have died?" said Tahana Medley, Garcia's mother.

So far, police say no one is in custody.

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