2 catch alleged North Side purse snatcher

April 29, 2010 (CHICAGO) It happened just after midnight Thursday morning near The Apparel Center near Kinzie and Kingsbury. A couple was going for a stroll after a late dinner when someone ran up from behind and grabbed the woman's purse. Her friend chased the man.

Two passers-by who heard the woman's screams raced to help catch the suspect near the Kinzie Street Bridge.

"They rushed right up to the guy carrying my bag for me and said, give me all your stuff," said Lisa, the purse snatching victim.

"He was running so I just, you know, jumped in to catch him," said Hecer Gonzalez, Good Samaritan.

"When we grabbed him he said, 'Oh, it was a mistake, I know her, blah blah blah.' I said, 'Look, you're not going anywhere. You're waiting for the police,'" said Ron Rooding, Good Samaritan.

A few minutes later, police were at the scene and took the man into custody. Charges were pending.

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