Stokes postpartum depression law signed

May 6, 2010 (WASHINGTON, D.C.)

The law's enactment was marked on Capitol Hill Thursday.

Melanie Stokes jumped to her death from a hotel window in Chicago in 2001, six weeks after having a baby.

Stokes's mother, Carol Blocker, has been on a mission to prevent this from happening to others.

"I felt that if something like this could make Melanie change in the manner she had that I was going to walk every step that I could to expose this mysterious illness," said Blocker.

Blocker joined the co-author of the legislation, Congressman Bobby Rush, to celebrate the law.

"This is a day, as we stand on the threshold of Mother's Day, the Congress of the United States, the American Government can give a Mother's Day present that can keep on giving," said Rep. Rush (D-Chicago).

The act was signed into law as part of the healthcare bill. It provides federal funding for education and research.

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