Man killed in Lansing over less than $100

May 12, 2010 (LANSING, Ill.)

Reagan Lytle was in town last month to visit his daughter for her birthday. Investigators say when he returned to the motel in Lansing where he was staying on April 17 he was robbed, shot and killed.

Police released surveillance photos of the suspects.

Lytle died on May 8, 2010, from his injuries.

His daughter, Megan Lytle, says it was a set up, and is asking for help to find the attackers.

"The woman had gone to his room - she asked to borrow a phone book - she came back with a male companion," said Megan Lytle, the victim's daughter. "That's when he kinda barged in."

Lytle said she is afraid the attackers could kill again.

"I don't doubt that these people havent done this before - if they don't get caught I know they're gonna do it again, and that's why I just want people to be aware of the situation," said Lytle. "From what it looks like to me, if they're willing to kill someone for $80, imagine what else they're capable of."

Police also released a picture of the suspects' vehicle, a 1998 to 2002 blue Ford Escort.

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