Bail set at $500K in fellow student's hit-and-run

May 17, 2010 (WINNETKA, Ill.) The hit-and-run crash happened Friday around 4 p.m. in north suburban Winnetka near Green Bay and Winnetka roads.

The alleged hit-and-run driver, Erin Hughes, 18, of Wilmette, appeared in court Monday morning. Her bond was set at $500,000.

The victim, Sarah Goone, 16, was leaving New Trier High School when she was struck by a car. Police say Hughes was driving and left the scene. She was stopped by police officers 28 minutes later.

Goone's parents said they have stayed by their daughter's hospital bedside since the crash. She is recovering from brain surgery.

Hughes, a high school senior and honor student from New Trier, will be in Cook County Jail until Thursday. A judge has demanded results from a test that were taken after the hit-and-run.

Hughes entered court in a blouse and jeans, the clothes she was wearing Friday when the detectives took her into custody.

Police say Hughes admitted to detectives that she smoked marijuana the night before, a fact the judge cited keeping her in custody longer.

"This is a kid that is an honors student at one of the toughest high schools in the country. I think we can all agree that New Trier is one of the very best high schools and she was an honors student there. I hope this won't, this accident, this traffic accident won't adversely affect the rest of her life," said Levin.

The state's attorney said Goone suffered a severe brain injury and had a lot of bleeding to the left side of her brain from a torn artery in the brain.

"They are just sitting by her side 24 hours a day, holding her hand, talking to her and trying to give her the support and the strength and the will to fight and recover," said Rabbi Michael Weinberg, Temple Beth Israel.

A steady stream of friends, classmates, and neighbors of Sarah Goone arrived at Temple Beth Israel in Skokie for a prayer service Monday night.

"She is so sweet and kind and caring. She's one of those people who you never expect anything bad to happen to her," said Marti Pine, Goone's friend.

Goone's parents were not able to attend the prayer service as they remained at her side. But they sent a message to be read to the congregation.

"We have a long journey ahead of us and words cannot express the comfort that your thoughts and prayers are providing," said Michael Lorge, Temple Beth Israel, reading from the message.

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