Sermon app connects users to spirituality

May 18, 2010 (CHICAGO)

IPhone users looking for a Catholic connection can download Daily Sermonettes with Father Mike Manning.

"I am open to the whole idea of the whole new world and in many ways I think it's from the Lord," said Fr. Mike.

Fr. Mike was Chicago Tuesday. He hopes the iPhone sermonettes are a compliment to church attendance.

"I am hoping that everything I do is an invitation to come to church. That's where it's about," said Fr. Mike.

ABC7 got a variety of responses to the idea of using technology for spiritual use.

"Pretty cool. I guess it's like something for everybody," said Chris Ferguson.

"It can make sense for the right person. For some people they won't be able to connect to it and for others they will. Really just depends on the person," said Pola Farve.

"I believe that you can connect to a higher power with or without your iPhone, but if there is an application for it, that would be fun, too," said Jim Rohrbach.

It's hard to determine if app sermons are a wave of the future. But Fr. Mike says 10,000 people have downloaded the app since Easter.

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